MK-Multisil  is a highly effective, commensal, microbial, liquid balancer made from the fermentation of molasses, water, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. In total there are over 40 beneficial bacteria known in the brew.

When Manna Treat is added to Silage it causes heterofermentative fermentation, supporting the rapid formation of lactic acid and making the silage more stable which helps reach the required PH value more quickly. This results in apetite stimulating high-energy silage with a beneficial microbial presence. Aerobic stability is improved, thus increasing the resistance to secondary fermentation.


The bacteria present help ferment some of the sugars into lactic acid causing a decline in ph which results in a more stable silage (less perishable). In turn the microorganisms, under anaerobic circumstances, (as inside a closed silo), create a type of pre fermentation resulting in the release of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Valuable nutrients that are normally difficult to digest are broken down and digested more effectively which helps increase the yield of the cow, in some cases substantially. Heating of the silage is inhibited through the release of certain by process substances.

Common findings in analysis of Manna Silage added to silage over the years include the reduction in the ph balance as well as the significant increase in propionic acid which has a positive effect on milk and milk protein production. It has also been found that there is a positive effect on the decrease in methane production in the rumen and increase in production of glucogenic nutrients.

The microorganisms are generally inactive at rest and so can be stored in the right conditions for a significant period of time.


Highly beneficial microbial, liquid balancer


40l per 100 ton of Silage
Dilute with 20litres of water to 1l of Manna Silage.
Use a familiar spraying system that suits the individual farm and spray layers as filing the clamp.
Do not spray in direct sunlight if possible.
Available in 25l, 200l, 500l, 1000l.

David Matthews, Dairy Herdsman, Glos

We have had problems with our organic Silage with pathogenic bacteria causing scouring. These beneficial bacteria ensure this doesn’t happen which in turn, increases yield and makes my life easier!